Google Maps


By sharing reviews, photos, and knowledge about the places around them, Google's Local Guides help inform millions of people and make it easier to discover local places.

I launched Local Guides in the UK and Germany, which included; running user research, providing local product feedback to engineers, producing big budget events, creating engaging social media and newsletter content and launching projects to empower the community to self-organize. Local Guides now represent over 50% of all user generated content on Google Maps.


Solve for X


Solve for X was a think tank launched by Google to incite collaboration on 'moonshot' projects to solve global issues. I drove collaboration via the Solve for X social media channels and events, and showcased the most exciting ideas from the community by interviewing innovators via online Google Hangouts.


Women @ Campus London 


Campus London is Google's space for entrepreneurs. I co-led the Women's community which was set up to empower, inspire and drive gender-balanced representation across the Campus community and its network. As well as hosting monthly meet-ups, I produced a one-day well-being conference which kick-started a wider conversation about the importance of self-care for founders and freelancers.




Pinterest is the world’s catalogue of ideas. Their mission is to help people discover the things they love, and inspire them to go do those things in their daily lives.

I built a community of top content creators, bloggers and influencers to help them share great ideas on Pinterest. This involved launching a private forum, hosting educational events and meet-ups and facilitating collaborations on editorial campaigns, resulting in an 80% increase in ideas shared by the community.


The Sunday Assembly


The Sunday Assembly is a secular congregation which celebrates life. Their mission is to help everyone live life as fully as possible. I managed their program of peer-to-peer support groups, training facilitators, creating resources and reporting impact for the 100+ participants. As a trained coach and design-thinking instructor, I've also hosted numerous workshops for them focused on personal growth.